South Florida & Interviewing A Mobile Home Buyer

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I am reminded of a quote from many years ago that has stuck with me… Be grateful for where you are, however be uncomfortable enough to keep pushing forward and growing. I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on earth. For many years I have always heard from others, “Good for you for getting started investing so young.” I am now finally thanking my younger-self regularly for getting started building my passive cash-flow portfolio back in 2002.

If you are just getting started in a side business or real estate investment niche be excited and passionate about building a local name for yourself and helping countless families buying and selling homes over the next few years.

As a full-time mobile home investor the freedom away from corporate America is completely liberating with almost endless possibilities. However it takes hard-work and endless determination. With that said you must be the best boss you’ve ever had AND the most motivating boss you’ve ever had. You get back what you put in. If you believe you can do it, YOU CAN.

Investing takes daily effort and dedication

Recently, I returned home from a two-week trip to Florida. This short trip was a combination of business and pleasure. While I did visit 2 new properties recently acquired (new video to come), I was also able to spend quality time with family, students, and friends. Three days into the vacation a few friends and I took a road trip south to Miami Beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

After a few beers and many laughs we found ourselves mainly relaxing on the beach and listening to the waves come in during high tide. For all the high-tech fun and games in today’s world, there is something so peaceful about connecting with nature.

Miami South Beach

South Beach from water

Trapeze anyone? This was more than a lot of fun. If and when you get the chance to safely swing on some trapeze, I highly encourage you to pull the trigger. With only a few swings back and forth the trapeze instructor easily taught us to hang upside down and performing in-air somersaults landing on the net below. While I don’t have a fear of heights – I will admit I was a bit apprehensive to take the first step off the high platform. 🙂

trapeze at Club Med

be check Club Med

A last-minute unexpected phone call brought me to a surprise concert. I received a friend’s phone call inviting me to join her at a country concert in town. Lady antebellum was headlining with Sam Smith and a few other country artists I had never heard of before. While I didn’t know many of the songs, the vibe was great and my feet eventually ached from dancing as we headed home for the night after the concert.

Lady antebellum Concert selfie

9-18-2015 11-04-24 PM

Perhaps one of the most humbling and memorable events of the entire trip was an interview I had with a tenant-buyer that had just recently paid off her mobile home free-and-clear. I made an appointment to see this buyer/owner and present her with her mobile home’s free and clear title. Please see the video interview and lesson below.

Bullets From Video:

  • Work with your tenant-buyer logically.
  • Give small breaks to tenant-buyers that have been paying on-time for more than 12 months.
  • Know the difference between rational excuses and irrational excuses.
  • Meeting with tenant-buyers when they have paid off their home is a great way to say thank you, congratulations, and goodbye.
  • Helping others feels great.
  • Bad things happen to good people.

When possible I always like to meet with every tenant-buyer that has just recently paid off their mobile home. I do this because I want to make sure the buyers understand the procedures moving forward to safely and quickly transfer ownership into their names. (Steps vary by state however normally the mobile homes remain in personal property trusts until paid in full.) During this meeting I also like to congratulate and thank the buyer for their years of payments, communication, and dedication to owning this quality mobile home.

In conclusion, while this article did not have a specific topic of focus, I hope that it did help to encourage you to pull the trigger and begin/continue helping local mobile home sellers and buyers that need your assistance. If someone else has successfully proven a specific business model, then there is little reason you can not achieve these same or better results. With a clear plan, daily focused effort, and ample desire, almost any goals are possible. If you have any comments or questions about mobile home investing never hesitate to comment below or reach out to us directly for help and clarity at the email address below.

Love what you do daily,
John Fedro


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5 thoughts on “South Florida & Interviewing A Mobile Home Buyer

  1. Ned Griffin

    How cool about the trapeze. Where did you go that they allowed this? Your beach looks gorgeous. In Illinois we have a great big Lake however your pictures of the ocean look amazing. In your video you mentioned it took Mary Lou seven years to pay off her home. Does this mean that there were months where she did not pay? Do you recommend this strategy when dealing with all your buyers? Thank you in advance for all you do. Sincerely, Ned

    • John Fedro

      Hi Ned,

      I know right. The trapeze was very random and super fun. One thing I love about this business is that each day brings new surprises. Each day that goes by we never know which sellers or buyers will call us from different marketing or that we have spoken to before. While we can’t control what sellers or buyers will do, we can certainly stack the odds in our favor and focus on helping and educating every local seller and buyer we can. By creating enough value with others you will create the business and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family. I hope this helps and makes sense. Please let me know if I went off on too much of a tangent.

      With regards to your question, yes Mary Lou did have a few months where she only made partial payments or no payments at all. I only give this extension to buyers that have been paying on time for a year or longer and in which they have a clear and obvious need for assistance. I mentioned in the video that “bad things happen to good people”. I truly mean that in do wish to give people second chances if they have money coming in that they will be able to pay in the near future. I hope this makes sense. Basically, only want to extend a repayment plan to a tenant-buyer that has ample money coming in every month. Please a me know if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

      Talk soon,

      • Ned Griffin

        Hey John, This makes total sense. I may have to ask you some questions about marketing and talking with sellers so I hope you are able to help. I know I am not one of your members yet however I am seriously looking into it now. This makes a lot more sense to help a buyer when you know they have paid you for a good bit of time. I wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of is sometimes I have a problem saying no to people. Thank you again. Ned

  2. Victor Parrish

    Real estate is more than making money. I have never seen a video like this. Great work. – VP

    • John Fedro

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you for commenting and the great remarks. I’m glad to hear that this video has been helpful to you. If you ever have any specific investing questions never hesitate to reach out. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

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