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Welcome back

I’ve had a permanent smile on my face since arriving in Thailand last night. Everything is just so….so…. different. There are statues of half man half goat people along the highways, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, tractors are pink instead of green, people pee on the side of the roads, cars don’t stop for pedestrians, mopeds speed down the sidewalks, cats and dogs run wild, the architecture is a beautiful mixture of many different cultures, and the people are all so friendly.

bangkok airport john fedro

bkk john fedro
Spent the day walking around the general area of where I’m staying last night and tonight. I am stuffed from all the food I bought from the local street vendors. My food total for the day came to $4.30. Not sure what all I ate, but most of it was excellent. Most people speak some basic English which is nice too.

street food john fedro bkk
“Would you like a large bag of fresh fruit? That’ll be .05 cents.
Would you like a few sticks of freshly grilled meats?? That’ll be another .10 cents please!” Amazing how inexpensive everything is here.

baht john fedro

Also stopped at 2 temples, dipped my feet in the river, met a number of foreigners (oddly none from America), got my feet massaged for an hour for $6, and am hoping to catch a Muay Thai fight later tonight if I can find the place. 

Miss everyone back home! See you in 6 weeks.

Love what you do daily,

John Fedro

3 thoughts on “Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand – John Fedro

  1. Author N

    Hi John,

    I really love the site. Very cool about your investing history as well. I had no idea you were helping out so many people.

    Congrats to all you success.


    • John Fedro

      Hi Author,

      Thanks for commenting and for your kind words. If you need any help or clarity on the matter don’t hesitate to reach out.

      All the best,

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